Thursday, July 17, 2014


The last two weeks of my life have felt like a whirlwind.

I told my Sioux City family I was moving away and ever since I've been busy.

Busy learning to love kale and quinoa... (I'm not's SO delicious!)

Putting my cute little house on the market and having a showing at least once a day since...

Finishing a BEAUTIFUL quilt I had barely started 4 years ago in record time with one of my dear friends...

Then throwing a party underneath of it, because it was late and we were delirious and we could, so why not!?! 

Baking for my favorite co-workers one last time...

I may or may not have outdid myself this time. Just sayin...
And semi-breaking the "no halter top" dress code at work because I'm a rebel like that... ;)
I'm moving back home to the farm and starting a new adventure.
And it really hasn't sunk in until this week that it's happening.
It's all so bittersweet.
I'm stressed.
I'm sad.
I have moments where I have a dramatic meltdown and think to myself "What have I done!!?!?! I had a great job, an awesome house, I was surrounded by people who loved me... WHY did I do this?!"
But then I think about what is to come and I get really happy and excited.
Because it will be so great to be closer to family and the farm that is so near and dear to my heart.
I've cried...a few times.
And probably will a few more times in the weeks ahead.
Because a house is just a house that can be replaced by another one.
And I can be happy in any career I embark on.
But it's the people who make this whole "moving on" process so much more messy.
Because I'm overwhelmed by just how much these people mean to me.
I'm going to miss them so so much.
But it's not's see you soon, Sioux City!

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