Thursday, March 27, 2014

NYNM: Week 14

This past weekend I went on a little road trip to visit a few of my favorite people.

Aren't they adorable?

And I get to be related to them.

Lucky me, right? :)

In the past, road trips/vacations were a licence for me to eat poorly and not exercise.

Basically, they were an excuse for me to fall off the healthy train.

But not this time.

I remember thanking my cousin when I left for helping me to be the healthiest I've ever been on vacation.

And a I truly meant it.

I feel amazing - and I want to keep it that way!

I weighed in this morning with a certain degree of anxiety.

Getting to -20 pounds took forever.

It was up and down and up again and down a little and it was annoying.

And I thought of the boredom eating I did on the trip home, and how I didn't work out as much has I would have liked last week, and I was less than excited to step on that scale this morning.

But because a big black man made me, I stepped on the scale.

Then the scale blinked the magic number.

I opened one eye.

Then the other.

I lost another 2 pounds this week!!!

I wanted to do this, but then I remembered there was no trampoline under me.
Thank god my brain was firing on a few cylinders at 5 am!
I was ecstatic.
I'm down a total of 27.8 pounds!!!!
And it feels so so soooooooo good!


  1. Michelle,

    This may come across as kind of weird but I am a good friend of Fran White's and I read your blog every now and then. I remember you and your Mom and Dad from Katie and Bret's wedding. Now they have two beautiful little girls! Anyway, I just have to tell you how great I think it is that you are doing so well on your weight loss journey. I am also (always) trying to lose weight and master a healthier way of eating. I know that it is hard work and I would like to give youa "high five"!

  2. Oops, I forgot to sign the above comment. Woo hoo for your weight loss!
    ~Cindy Schuh from Eden Prairie

    1. Thanks so much for the support Cindy! I appreciate the encouragement!

  3. Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That has to feel awesome!!