Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Best Birthday Cake Of My Life

Have any of you ever met Ree Drummond?

Me either.

But I want to be her!

So I make her food.

Because it's so freaking delicious.

Like you guys, I'm not kidding.

Every time I make something of hers I drool. 

Because I had been dreaming of eating cake since the moment I realized my birthday was a month away, I started looking at her cake recipes for the perfect one.

And then I found it.

And then I thought about it for an entire month (wish I was kidding about this part.)

And then I made it.

Everything that is good and perfect in this world starts out with "cream butter and sugar together..."
Don't ever try to debate this fact of life with me.
You will lose. 

It turned out quite perfect.
And because I'm a kid at heart and love the color purple I had to decorate it.
I would have taken a picture of the inside of it, but I was too busy eating it.
Like you guys, I may have eaten in or around half of this cake over the weekend.
Which I am now paying for.
Because my stomach hates me.
I don't think it's ever had to handle that much cream cheese frosting in it's existence.
But I'm not sorry about it.
It was my birthday.
And it was THAT good.
And have I ever told you that frosting is my love language?
More specifically cream cheese frosting.
I die.
And beef.
Gahhh, I love beef.
Anyway, if you want to make the best cake of your life, or make someone like me fall in love with you, make this cake.

I followed her recipe, but did bake the cake in two separate round cake pans because mine wasn't deep enough. When/if you do this you should reduce the baking time. I almost didn't realize this in time and therefore almost over baked them. I think I would have cried had I burnt these beautiful shorty-short-cakes.

I would also suggest using more than 1 pound of strawberries. Next time I make this, because I will make it again, I will probably use up to 2 pounds. They soak into the cake and make it sooooooo wonderful and delicious.

Now go make yourself your own Strawberry Shortcake Cake.

You won't be sorry!

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