Thursday, May 8, 2014

NYNM: Week 20

You know what happens when you eat too much birthday cake with a side of cream cheese frosting?

I'll give you two guesses but I bet you only need one. ;)

You gain weight.

2 pounds to be exact.

Writing was on the wall for that one.

I've felt like a pile of poop all week.

Sugar will do that to you, right?

That much sugar threw off my whole week, because guess what?

I craved more sugar.

And because I craved more sugar I made bad choices.

Everything was just off.

And I felt gross.

So the lesson to be learned here?

While I will always eat a ridiculously awesome cake with way too much cream cheese frosting all over it for my birthday, I don't have to make the "birthday hangover" if you will last for a week.

I need to eat my cake, then move on.

Not keep eating cake for 2 days after my birthday.

Because it is just not worth it.

It gave me a headache.

It made me feel gross.

My whole week has just been blah because of that damn cake.

This birthday hangover has overstayed its welcome.

But I do know one thing...

Cheers to a better week ahead!

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