Tuesday, May 27, 2014

NYNM: Week ???

So, I've been MIA for a bit.
I know.
Life happened.
And my weight loss, well it really hasn't been happening.
You know where you hit that point where you are tired, sick of eating carrots, and annoyed that you aren't further than you actually are?
That happened.
Don't worry, I'm not giving up.
I'm a hell of a lot smarter than that.
But I've been doing dumb things, like eating pancakes two days in a row. 
You know what happens when you do dumb things?
The scale doesn't go down.
Shocker, right? :)
So this week I am focusing on getting back on track.
My goals this week: 
- Burn 7000 calories. I was an idiot and took yesterday off...so stay tuned because I now have a shorter time frame to accomplish this...this will be fun! (My weeks start on Monday and go through Sunday night.)
- No cheats. It seems I've allowed myself countless days with a cheat here or a cheat there or a whole meal of sugar (aka pancakes!) so its time I buckle down and focus on feeding my body good foods to get back off the sugar train. It is becoming so glaringly apparent to me that my body doesn't like sugar. It makes me tired. It makes my joints hurt. And it just makes me feel crummy. So instead of looking at this goal as it is going to be complete torture, I'm looking at it like my body is going to like me when I go running again. Because I'm going to make smart choices.
- Sleep!!!! Holy cow I need sleep. My goal is to be in bed, and asleep, by 9 pm this week. I don't know why this has been so hard for me lately, but it's something I really have to re-focus on this week.
That is plenty for one week. My brain can only handle so much!
So, Michelle, you may ask. What HAVE you been doing besides slacking off??!?!
I've been on the farm!!!!
Playing with these cuties.

And snuggling these cuties!

And soaking up every minute of how absolutely precious my nieces are. LOOK AT HER BOOTS!!!!!!!! Gah!!!!

We even got a couple first timers on a horse!!!!!

My SIL was a champ!!!!! I think she's a natural! :)

We went on 4-wheeler rides and let the wind blow in our hair! :)

I love everything about this place. And while yes, the scale doesn't typically go down when I have long stays back at the farm, it's ok. Because in the end, life is all about balance. We need to have some fun and take time to enjoy the fine things in life instead of constantly obsessing about our diets or how many minutes of cardio we've done that day. Farming is good for my soul and I won't be sorry about it for a minute!

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