Thursday, January 9, 2014

NYNM: Week 3

Can I get a drum roll for week 3 results???


I lost 2.4 pounds this week!!!

{cue cymbals chiming here}

Making total pounds lost 9.4!!!!

To say I'm ecstatic would be an understatement.

I not only lost almost 10 pounds over the dreaded holidays, I also became a lot more confident in my ability to make good choices during the most tempting time of the year!

The other day my co-worker told me he gained 14 pounds over Christmas and New Years alone.

That could have been me....I mean do you remember all that bacon?????

BUT IT WASN'T! :) :) :)

Naturally my first comment back to him was, "Glad the almost 10 I lost found their way to your skinny butt!" :)

Some things I am learning nutritionally from my trainer that I want to share with y'all:

1. Peanut butter is not my friend (insert me drowning my own own tears here.) I love peanut butter. And when I say love I mean I really really love it. I've always thought of it as a "healthy fat" and a "protein source." It's not. It's a straight up fat source. I'm learning to view my beloved peanut butter as a treat that I can enjoy once or twice a week...and not by the spoonful daily or twice daily!

2. Bananas are very high on the glycemic index. Prior to meeting my trainer I ate at least one banana a day, if not two. One before my workout every morning and maybe one later in the day too. Turns out, because of their ridiculously high sugar content, bananas are not something I should be eating right now. They force my blood sugar to skyrocket and in turn it screws up my fat burning furnace. Which is exactly what I don't want to happen! I now have a couple clementines on my way to the gym instead!

3. One low-fat dairy source per day, not six. I love all things dairy - yogurt, cottage cheese, milk, cheese, etc. They are all delicious. And for the most part, they are all healthy (if you choose low-fat versions.) But pre-trainer I would drink milk for breakfast, have yogurt for a morning snack, eat cheese with my lunch, have cottage cheese for an afternoon snack and then maybe have some milk again at supper. Not kidding. And I got frustrated when I wasn't losing! I had no idea that too much dairy in your diet will cause you to retain water underneath your skin and ultimately make you bloated. Not too mention, too much of one thing in your diet is never good.

And some things I'm learning through working out with my trainer:

1. Lifting is awesome. I lifted in high school (because it was required) and I didn't hate it, but it wasn't my preferred way to burn calories. I'm so glad I'm learning how to really be efficient with my time in the weight room and ultimately sculpt my body into a tighter more toned version than it was before, in half the time. I also love that this will be the type of exercise I can do when I'm older - AKA - when my knees are really shot! :)

2. Cardio should always come after lifting. Prior to working out with him, I would do my cardio before I would lift. I would burn about 800-1000 calories in about a 2 hour time frame. Now, I lift with him and then do cardio and in about an hour and a half I can burn about 1200-1400 calories. And speaking of cardio, thanks to knee surgery I'm learning that running isn't the only way you can burn calories. I've now mastered the stair mill (my new favorite, even though it makes me feel like I'm dying) and I've almost mastered spinning (what a great workout!!!!) It's a new year friends, try new things! You might just find something you really love doing!

3. The more in shape you are the more you sweat. I'm just going to leave this one at: I am now the person at the gym who gets off a machine and steps into a puddle of her own sweat. It's gross. I'm sorry. Do not look at me with your judgmental eyes, I can't help it.

Next week we take measurements.

I'm pretty excited.

Mostly because my pants are looser than they were 3 weeks ago.


Share some of your successes big or small! I'd love to hear them!


  1. So proud of you Chelle!


  2. Thanks for sharing what you are learning. I never knew I should lift then do cardio or that I should limit bananas. Thanks!