Tuesday, December 17, 2013


I learned how to knit a few years ago.

Back when I had free time.

And I lived in a giant city and knew no one.

It was a traumatizing experience for this farm girl, kids.

I went to a few beginner classes and learned how to knit.

Then I got a new job and moved to a new city.

And life happened.

Life is just busy, isn't it?

Then the yarn shop where I learned how to knit closed.

And somewhere between moving and life happening and the yarn shop closing I lost all my yarn and stopped knitting.

True story.

Until now.

I'm happy to say I've rekindled my love for knitting.

Well kinda.

More like I've stressed myself out and made myself a little more crazy then I already was.

You see, I wanted to knit some people I love some fun things for Christmas.

But knitting takes a while.

And I didn't start until...well...the end of October.


And due to my 2 year hiatus from knitting I half forgot how to do it.

So I've started and re-started these projects more times than I care to mention. 

Now every second of 'free time' I have has become 'hurry up and knit time.'

And when I say 'hurry up and knit' I mean I literally didn't shower the entire weekend because I couldn't stop knitting for fear of not getting these projects done in time.

Another true story.

No pictures of my stanky unshowered self will be posted here.

You're welcome.

Nobody has time for those anyway.

In the midst of my mad knitting weekend, my thermostat decided to be difficult. As in the touch screen was malfunctioning and my heat turned off.

Then I couldn't get it back on....


My house, which was at a toasty 68 degrees, soon became a blustery 55 degrees.

So. Damn. Cold.

And I couldn't call anyone because I hadn't showered in about 2.8 days.


But the silver lining?

I was knitting a blanket.

Blankets grow longer the more you knit, doubling as a second blanket!

So the faster you knit, the warmer you feel!

I guess that was just the motivation I needed.

I'm happy to report that I should get three out of the four projects done in time for Christmas.

And this is where I'm thankful for a family who loves me and will give me grace when they unwrap a ball of yarn for Christmas with a tag that says "Coming in 2014!" :)

Stay tuned for the fun knit-fity things I've made for a few of my loved ones this year!!

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