Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I'm Sorry

Hey guys.

I'm sorry.

Sorry I've kinda been M.I.A around these parts the last few weeks.

'Busy season' is in full swing at work and I seem to find myself running around from the time I wake up at 4:30 until I crash around 9 or 10 pm, unless I have a meeting to be at, then it's more like 11.

I also got the flu last week. And it was the kind that lingered for days.

I don't remember ever getting the flu in my adult life, ever. But I wouldn't wish it on anyone. It was miserable.

Then this past weekend I broke out in hives.

Seriously guys, I'm not being dramatic, but I thought I was dying.

I've never had hives before, so I didn't know what was wrong with me. It looked like I had gotten caught in a batting cage with an angry baseball shooter thing. I had giant welts all over me.

Somewhat concerned but again not knowing what they were I went to work Monday morning hoping they would go away.

Shortly after I tell my co-worker I have these welts all over me and she tells me that the exact same thing happens to her when she's stressed out. I think to myself 'I'm not stressed!!!' She encourages me to take a benedryl or two.

A couple minutes later I think to myself, shoot. What can it hurt?

I downed a couple of those bad boys at 8:32 am.

Not reading the label before taking the benedryl (who the heck reads labels anyways??) I did not realize this medicine is inclined to make one extremely drowsy. 

By 10:01 am I was SO sleepy. Like almost falling asleep driving sleepy.

So I swung by Starbucks and picked up a 20 oz. cup of Joe to wake me up.

By 10:52 I was having heart palpitations and I felt drunk.

No lie. This is my life.

The shit show express, and I'm in the fast lane in a Corvette going 120 mph.

So what I'm trying to say is, hopefully my body is done hating me and I'll be around here more.

Until then, stay well friends!

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