Monday, July 15, 2013

Wedding Fun

My mom's side of the family is kind of huge.

Therefore, we do a lot of weddings.

And man, do we loooooove weddings!

This particular wedding happened in Portage, IN.

It was a long beautiful drive across I-80.

I was able to check out a lot of cornfields and listen to Barney with my niece in the backseat. Perfection, right? :)

We had some fun and caught some rays on beautiful Lake Michigan!

But best part of this whole weekend was getting to hang with my cousins.

We like the saying in our family, "cousins by chance, friends by choice." Nothing could be more true for my cousins and I!

All the girl cousins, but one, were able to be at this wedding!
The receiving line was taking a while, so while some of the family ran across the street to the bar, the rest of us decided to get a little snap happy and prematurely blow bubbles everywhere!

Aren't my cousins BEAUTIFUL!?! Miss them and love them so much!
Family photo, minus my Daddy-o. He had to stay home and get caught up with work. The sun was going to shine all three days we were gone and as you might know the saying, "you have to make hay when the sun shines!" We missed him!!!

How awesome is my nieces sweet face?! Ahh! I love her!

And finally, the happy couple! Congratulations Miles and Emily! Your day was beautiful! Thanks for inviting us to help you celebrate your big day!

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