Friday, July 12, 2013

Charleston: Part 2!

As I alluded to yesterday, while I learned a whole bunch in Charleston, I also had quite a bit of fun while I was down south.

I went on this trip with my best friend, who *shocker* also loves to have a good time. So, I will do my best to show you just exactly how much fun we packed into three short days away!

What is the first thing we did when we arrived at the hotel?

And what happened as a result? We BOTH got sun burnt! In less than two hours! Some of us more than others.... *cough* Josie *cough*... All I'm going to say is I won't be getting scolded by my dermatologist nearly as bad as someone else I know!
After we had more than our fill of sunshine and South Carolina heat, we headed down to Folly Beach for dinner and more drinks!
Blackened tuna nachos. That red on top is watermelon! So good!

Strawberry margarita!

This was a BLT with flounder in the middle. Anything with bacon is bound to be delicious...and it was!

Watermelon margarita...wish I would have asked for the recipe!
If you couldn't tell by the pictures, we weren't disappointed. Delicious all the way around!
We spent the entire next day going on the Ag tours.
Then someone caught a cold and was a sniffling sun burnt miserable disaster the remainder of the day.
My poor little Josbabe...
Until we stumbled upon this little gem!
Where we found this inside...
It. Was. Awesome. And someone perked right back up! Funny how that happens!!!
After a margarita, we decided we should find some food and this is where we ended up...
Dinner on the ocean!
How romantic, right?
Best seafood ever, too!
Check this out...
Hush puppies

Peel and eat shrimp

Crab cakes with garlic mashed potatoes and collard greens
Somehow after dinner we ended up right back at the margarita bar. Before we knew it we were flying home.
It was a short trip, but man did we have fun!
I'll now be dieting for an entire month to undo my sins I committed on this trip.
Worth it?
Totally! :)

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