Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I got a zit.

A mammoth zit, if I'm being honest.

I popped said zit.

I popped said zit again.

And again.

And again, for good measure.

Then I made a brilliant life choice and dumped hydrogen peroxide all over it.

Because it's a cure-all. Remember?

And what do I get asked at work the following days?

"Michelle, what happened to your face?"

"Michelle, what's on your face?"

"Michelle, you have something on your face."

"Michelle, did you get ink on your face?"

"Michelle! I think you have something on your face, come over here so I can get it off!"

"Michelle, have you been playing with the stamps again..."


There is something on my face?

I had no idea!

I just spent 25 minutes this morning trying to figure out how to cover it up.

Thank you for reminding me that I was horribly unsuccessful in my efforts. I sincerely appreciate your brutal honesty!

And this my friends is what you get for popping a zit and deciding to dump hydrogen peroxide on it therefore resulting in a chemical burn.

Resorting to hermit status until my face looks normal again.

**Writer's Full Disclosure: Photoshop may or may not have been used in the production of this blog post. Sorry I'm not sorry.

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