Thursday, March 14, 2013

Chores Look Something Like This

Most people spend their weekends and vacation days doing hobbies or things they enjoy. They do things that get their mind off work and allow them to relax.
For me?
It is heading to the farm to hang out with these guys! 

Morning and evening chores go a little something like this...

You have to be VERY careful where you walk or you will lose your boot. Literally. Its like a chinese finger trap if you step in the wrong place out in the feedlots!

You want to walk where the cattle walk. See their path? NEVER stray from the path. Or you'll be bootless. I may or may not know from experience.

Hey there cutie! You look hangry!

Hangry: noun: the act of being hungry and angry at the same time.

These boys were hangry. But they are harmless! Promise.

My job is to wake everyone up and get them up to the feedbunk to eat. The more the eat, the faster they gain, the faster and more effeciently we make money!  

Num num corn is delicious!


I also get to hang out with the cutest pup around. This is Patch. He's my favorite....when he hasn't just chased a skunk. Don't you just wanna hug him?

I speak cow. He's saying I'm beautiful especially in my outfit today. It just does something for my figure, he says.

Well thank you! I like your face. It's pretty cute!

Water tank is frozen. Time to chip, chip, chip away!

 What a bunch of cuties! Feedlot chores are done.

Now it's time to feed the cows. They are about ready to have babies and its super important that we give them the nutrition that they need this time of year before they give birth. Usually we just feed them during the winter and the rest of the year they will be in the pasture eating hay and grass.

Aren't they cute? Makes you want to come help me do chores, doens't it? :)

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