Friday, April 18, 2014

NYNM: Week 17

Do you ever have those mornings where you are completely exhausted (tired, sore, etc) and you would give up your left arm to not have to get out of bed?

That was me this morning.

But I got up, 20 minutes later than I was supposed to....whoops, and did it anyway. I may or may not have rolled into work about 30 minutes late as a result...double whoops.

But it was worth it.

Because judging from how tired I am at this moment typing this blog post and that calorie burn, I'd say I did a pretty good job of kicking my own ass this morning.

I lost another 2 pounds this week and finally broke through the 30 pound milestone.

I've lost 31.4 pounds to date, and I'm excited.

I keep thinking about how far I've come in four months, and how excited I am to see where I am in another 4 months.

I also keep thinking about how expensive it's going to be to replace my entire wardrobe. :)

And speaking of making forward progress, with Easter weekend glaring at me in the face, it is important I don't lose sight of my goals.

There is bound to be sugar at every turn, so I am packing lots of veggies to take with me.

What is your plan?

Happy Easter, y'all!

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