Thursday, April 10, 2014

NYNM: Week 16

I'm down 2.4 pounds this week bringing me to a total of 29.4 pounds lost so far.

So close but yet so far away! :)

I will get 30 next week if it kills me!

Until then, I'm easing up on the training for a couple days.

My body hurts, everywhere, and I need a couple days to let it recover before I hit it hard again.

I see some long walks outside enjoying this lovely spring weather in my future!

Then it's back in the gym.

I've got a birthday in T-22 days that is making me feel rather old.

But there are 3 more weigh-ins before that day, and there is a magic number I'd like to see on the scale which would make me not so depressed about welcoming my 27th year of life! ;)

Have a great weekend, friends!

Get outside and MOVE!!!!

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