Thursday, February 20, 2014

NYNM: Week 9

My body hurts.

Like, everywhere.

I think I spent at least 14 hours at the gym last week.

And after that statistic, I'm pretty confident telling you I spent considerably more hours at the gym than waking hours in my own house last week.

#youmightbeagymratwhen ... :)

However, I'm coming to the conclusion that there is no better feeling than stepping on the scale at your 5 am Thursday weigh-in with your trainer and seeing the time you put in along with the decision to limit your intake of Valentines Day cookies despite how you felt about the holiday was all worth it.

Well worth it.

This was my face this morning when I weighed-in with him.

Sans makeup.

No one looks good at 5 am and I'm not going to be the one starting the trend.

Mama loves her sleep!!!!

So why the face?

I lost 2.6 pounds this week, bringing me to 18.8 total in 9 weeks.

I may or may not have had a considerable amount of Valentines Day cookies.

Frosting is my love language.

I can't help it.

So, I didn't get to -20 this week (next week it's happening!!!) but I'm still so proud of myself.

Success feels amazing.

Can I get an Amen???

But success that you worked your butt off for?

Out of this world great!!!!

So what am I learning?

That I can give up peanut butter and not go insane....hallelujah!

That stepping on the scale and seeing results > drinking alcohol at a social event. Water for me please! :)

That one piece of dark chocolate at the end of each day with a glass of skim milk is my thang. And I'm not going to be sorry for it.

That lifting is important, but cardio is my friend. Cardio burns calories. Cardio makes me sweat. And cardio makes the scale move lower and Michelle shrink! Love to love me some cardio!!! :)

And that rest is important. I need rest. It's ok to have a day where you don't do much of anything besides lay on your couch.

My trainer asked me this morning if I wanted to keep training with him because I only have 3 more weeks left with him.

He asked me this 40 minutes into a leg workout and while I was on my third set of lunges, so I managed to squeak out a "yes."

I'm well aware of the fact that I, on average, spend more money than the average human on 'working out.' 

But working out with him would be the epitome.

With that being said, working out with him has been one of the best investments I've ever made.

I'm learning. I'm being held accountable. And I'm ultimately winning at weight loss.

And that my friends, is #wortheverypenny.

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