Tuesday, February 25, 2014

"Are You Feeling OK?"

I'm in the middle of doing my second set of pull ups this morning (my favorite exercise on shoulder and back day, hands down) and my trainer says to me, "Are you feeling OK?"

I stop out of breath and say, "Yes, why? Do I not look OK?" Thinking that I maybe looked pale and like I might faint, because like I said pull ups are my FAVORITE.

I figured it must have been all that pre-workout shoveling for fitness I did at 4:30 am with a -6 degree windchill.

Is anyone else over this winter?

I swear I'm suffering from seasonal depression.

And it hasn't even snowed that much.

Mama just needs some vitamin D already.


He then says to me, "Your food journal. You didn't...you....you didn't drink liquid calories and you only ate like two cookies."

I start laughing and say to him, "Is that some sort of weird way of telling me good job?"

He then starts laughing and says to me, "Keep it up girl!"

I'm going to chalk that one up to him telling me "good job" and put it in my pocket for safe keeping.

He doesn't throw those around...like ever.

I'm sure I'll be savoring that one for a loooong time.

In other news, guess what came in the mail yesterday?

My fitbit flex is here!

And guess who managed to get 10,000 steps before noon today?

If you guessed me, give yourself a high five, because you're awesome.

If you didn't guess me, give yourself a high five anyway, because you're still awesome.

Anywho I'm pretty pumped about my new fitbit.

Just another little motivator to keep me movin' so I can keep loosin'! :)

And in other other news, I've decided I need to challenge myself to try new things.

Like vegetables. I've never been a huge fan.

But one can change their taste buds if they reallllllly want to.

Carrots used to make me vomit.

Today, I eat them plain and actually somewhat enjoy them!

So I've decided to challenge myself to trying one new vegetable per week.

This week I decided to try butternut squash, and .....

.... it was delicious!
Up next....brussels sprouts.
I'm scared!!!!

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