Thursday, February 27, 2014

NYNM: Week 10


When I stepped on the scale this morning knowing had 1.2 pounds to go before I hit the -20 mark, and the scale only went down .6 pounds, you could imagine my disappointment.

Especially because my trainer had complimented me earlier in the week about how good my nutrition was looking.

Which was the first time in the 10 weeks I've known him he's done that.

And because my house currently wreaks of fish.

So gross.

And because the compliments have been coming at me at a rapid pace.

Now let me be very clear here, I'm not complaining about the compliments!!!

I want to throw confetti, go set off fireworks, and not so much hug but rather smother each and every person who is so ridiculously kind to compliment me.

I don't, for obvious reasons, but I just really want to.


It may happen someday.

And because I have spent too many hours at the gym to not lose more than .6 pounds in a week.

But this is real life and that is what happens when you're trying to lose weight.

Sometimes it is just downright disappointing.

You're going to have your good and bad weeks.

Because real life does not look like The Biggest Loser or Extreme Weight Loss like you see on TV.

Real life weight loss happens slow.

Painfully slow at times.

While I'm thankful the scale didn't go up (I really thought it might) my trainer suggested some adjustments to make for next week so I can finally hit the -20 pound mark.

I love fruit, and fruit is good, but fruit is sugar. And when you eat too much sugar your body can't use it all and it gets stored as fat. I'm eating too many fruits and need to only eat only 2 to at most 3 servings of fruit per day.

Timing of these fruits is important as well. I workout in the mornings (usually) so I need to eat most of these carbs before and after my workout so my body will use them. If I am eating them in the evenings they will more than likely get stored as fat.

I have also been drinking skim milk. Because I loooooooooooooove milk. My Mom was the Diary Queen of the state of Iowa back in the day (yep, you guessed it...tiara, sash, the whole get-up) so I gotta represent, ya know? But milk is also full of sugar. (DANG IT!!!) Sugar that needs to be drank in the morning as apposed to at dinner with a piece of chocolate. :)

Today I signed up for 12 more weeks with my trainer. He's good for me. He motivates me. He's helping me win. And as a result, I'm getting some serious biceps you guys. Like woah. Watch out for the gun show this summer.

One final thought for today.

Do you go to the gym?

Does your gym have one of these?

If so, get your butt on it and never look back.

Stop being scared of the dumb stair mill and just figure it out and do it.

Yes, I fell off of it the first time I tried it and it was embarrassing, but I lived and now I would fight someone for a spot on this thing I love it so much.

Moral of the story?

If you're frustrated and disappointed week after week from not getting results, try something scary.

Don't think, just do.

You cannot get results if you keep doing what you're doing, especially if what you're doing isn't working.

So try something scary this week, ok?

Who might just end up loving it! :)

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