Saturday, December 28, 2013

Knit-fity Christmas

Remember how I was telling a tale of a knitting fool?

Well the fool has some good news and bad news.

The good news is I finished 2.9 of them in time to unwrap presents.

The bad news?

I had 1.1 left.

The ultimate good news?

3.0 are complete as of Christmas! :)

And now for the big reveal......

(insert drum roll here)

Knitting project #1: The most adorable little headband for my niece Mollie to keep her ears warm this winter!

Knitting project #2: Infinity "gaptastic" scarf for my beautiful sister-in-law! And spoiler alert...#2.9....

Knitting project #2.9: Baby Blanket for my new niece, Miss Claire! She arrived December 17th and is such a sweet girl! Every baby needs a cuddly blanket! :)

I mean cute is she???

I say 2.9 because it was about 90% complete when I wrapped it.

Whoops :)

I had to learn how to crochet to finish it, but I finished it just in time to leave it with her! :)

My poor Mom on the other hand, got a ball of yarn with the tiniest little bit of a scarf started. SORRY MOM!

I'll have it done soon, promise! :)

Lessons learned?

Next year I'm going to start these projects much, much sooner so that knitting them will be enjoyable, not give me anxiety.

Did you get knit-fity or crafty this Christmas?

What did you make for your loved ones?

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