Thursday, August 15, 2013

Guest Post From The Denverite

Oh hey there!

Guess what? This isn't Michelle.

It's her cousin Amanda.

Michelle's blog is one of my favorite things to read since she is one of my favorite people.

Miss Michelle is currently recouping from knee surgery. I don't totally understand what they did to her, but I do know that our Uncle cut her open and rearranged some things with a hammer or something of the like. (And yes he's a real surgeon. This isn't a blog about hicks and rednecks it's about sassy cows and fancy things! Remember?) Anyway, it's kindof a big deal. I'm happy to report that our Michelle is on the mend at the farm (because where else would Miss Thang recover?) And she'll be writing to you sometime soon.

Ok let's cut to the chase now that you know Michelle is indeed alive (and that our uncle isn't doing illegal things. Ahem.)

I would like to share some blog post titles I came up with for Michelle. They all deal with what I think recovering from knee surgery would be like for her. Because she's with her parents. On the farm. And she's been on painkillers. There has to be a lot of stories to come from that!

Alrighty potential blog posts. Here we go!

No. 1: Are you there God? It's me, Michelle, I've fallen and I can't get up.

No. 2: That one time I moo'ed at Henry the cow from the driveway and he moo'ed back.

No. 3: How to control crutches on a gravel road!

No. 4: Here's what's happening on Days of Our Lives!

No. 5: That one time I took Vicodin and thought I was Ryan Seacrest

No. 6: I talked to a chicken all afternoon and now my Mom says there's no chickens on our farm.

No. 7: How I made a plaid knee brace to match my Dad's plaid shirt.

No. 8: How Justin Bieber instagram videos changed my life

No. 9: How to drive a tractor with one leg hanging out the window

No. 10: It's a miracle! I made a hay smoothie and now I don't need physical therapy anymore!

Bingo bongo friends.

I hope you get to read about these topics soon from our dearest Michelle. I'd read about that stuff all day long.

In the mean time please send her your love and prayers!

Over and out,
City Cousin Amanda

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