Wednesday, June 19, 2013


A few things you should know in preface to this blog post:

1. My neighbor girl is 5 and VERY talkative.

2. She is the owner of THE most annoying dog in the history of dogs.

3. I love dogs.

4. I don't love dogs that bark incessantly at me when we have to co-exist, especially when you tell them to shush. If I'm being honest, it drives me CRAZY!

5. I love kids. They are adorable.

6. I have little to no patience. Thanks Dad :)

7. I grew up on a farm with acres on acres on acres on acres between me and the nearest neighbor. It was glorious.

8. I now live in town, with no acres but merely feet between me and my neighbs, and with a million rules (you can only put your trash out on Friday's, your trees must be at a certain height otherwise the city will harass you, etc.) It's been an adjustment. And if I could be honest again for a second, I can't wait to go back to country livin'!!!

I was out in my backyard pulling weeds, watering flowers and mowing my lawn one afternoon after work. The dog I love to hate was barking incessantly at me and it was beyond annoying. Because I couldn't reach over the fence and throw the dog across the neighborhood, I put in my headphones and continued on with what I was doing.

Not long after my 5 year old neighbor comes out...

Me: Heyyyy. What's up?
NG: What are you doing??
Me: I'm watering my flowers.
NG: My dog barks a lot. And it's ANNOYING.
Me: (Under my breath...) Amen!!!
NG: I'm supposed to stay in that window and watch him when he's outside and it's SO annoying to hear him bark the whole time.
Me: Yeah, he does bark a lot doesn't he?
NG: Yeahhh. Can you go inside when he is out here?
Me: Umm no hunny, I have yard work I have to get done tonight.
NG: Oh.
Me: Maybe you could take him inside when I'm out here if it bothers you?
NG: Well my Mom and Dad said that he needed to be outside. But it's not your fault he barks all the time. He just doesn't know you. Because you just moved in. He used to do this to my uncle, and my aunt, and my cousin, and my ....
Me: Ohhh, I see.
NG: I'm sad that the people that lived here before you moved away.
Me: Why's that?
NG: Because Sam used to live here. And we were friends. And we went to the same school. And we played outside a lot. And then he moved away and we don't get to play anymore.
Me: Oh, I'm sorry.
NG: Yeah, I miss him.
Me: Ok hunny well maybe you could take your dog inside now because I'm going to be out here for a while.
NG: Okkkkkkk.

If you're wondering, the dog still barks incessantly at me every time he sees me. And the neighbor girl? She could talk for HOURS. And she does a mean impression of Carly Rae Jepsen signing "Call Me Maybe."

Oh the joys of neighbors! :)

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