Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Say You Don't

Our words are more than just words. They are instructions to our brain. The way we say something can influence how we behave.

For instance, take the words don't and can't. Do you think you would be more willing to stay away from food that didn't serve your goals if you said, "I can't eat that" or you said, "I don't eat that."

There is so much cake in my office today I'm going cross eyed. Literally. Cupcakes, cake, cake balls, you name the form of cake, we have it. This morning while looking at an entire table covered in cake I said to myself and those around me, "I don't eat cake."

It felt weird, because let's be honest, who doesn't love cake. But right now, I'm focusing on my goals, and eating cake is not going to help me get there.

It was amazing how my brain responded. I was able to walk away from the cake-infested table not feeling like I was missing out.

It was also amazing how my co-workers responded. Instead of hearing, "Oh you can have once piece!" "Michelle you're doing great, once piece won't hurt you!" "Oh please, you eat so healthy all the time, one bite is fine!" I heard, "Good for you." "Gosh you're so good!" "I wish I had your willpower."

It's going to take practice for this to become second nature, but I will continue to practice, because my goals are worth it.

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