Saturday, February 23, 2013

Farmin' Fotos

I went back to the farm recently because I missed my sassy cows!

And my parents. I missed them too.

It was a gorgeous weekend (in the 50's ... in February ... in Iowa ... AWESOME!!!) so I was outside most of the weekend making up for lost time!

We worked quite a few calves, and I'll blog about that soon, but for now, I'll leave you with some of my favorite pictures from this weekend.

This is where we store most of our hay bales, and our Century Farm is right past the trees. I took this from the top of the tractor I was crawling out of right when the sun was coming up. This picture pretty much sums up why I love rural America.

This was in on of our feedlots. My job was to wake all these guys up and get them up to the feedbunk to eat. I'm thinking they were either pissed or hungry at this point. Ha!

These boys were hungry! I had just finished walking through the pen, and these guys were still waiting on their breakfast to arrive. I love how they are looking at me like, "Where the heck is our food, lady!?!?!"

This is my Dad. We vaccinated and implanted over 200 head in about 2 hours on Monday, and I will tell you more about that soon! He loves his cattle almost as much as I do. I am so thankful he passed on his love for cattle to me at a young age, and gave me an opportunity to be involved in the cattle business! 

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