Tuesday, June 24, 2014


I told my co-worker yesterday that I was starting a detox today.

He quickly replied, "I didn't know you were addicted to anything?!?"

Why yes, witty co-worker, I am highly addicted to something.

That something, would be sugar.

And the scale would be a true testament of that.

Because the bitch hasn't budged.

Turns out when you deprive your body of things and don't eat balanced meals your blood sugar gets all out of wack and you stop burning fat and in my case I ended up eating more sugar, too! 

And the worst part?

You can kill yourself in the gym and run 9 miles on loose gravel but you're still not going to un-do what that pint of Ben and Jerry's did to your insides.

So, thanks to my friend Kim, today is the day I get back on track.

It is day 1 of detox which means a few things...

Today is day 1 of not feeling like my bloated show heifer back in 2002 when she ate too much hay. Poor Sally girl...that wasn't pretty.

It is also day 1 of getting my blood sugar back in check which means I'm going to have more energy and burn more fat! *Fist pump!*

And finally, today is day 1 of eating good clean foods, again.

For you curious minds this detox isn't anything crazy. I'm simply eating food (one ingredient foods) and very carefully watching my portion sizes. Yes that means I bought a food scale and now weigh everything that goes in my mouth.

I'm fully prepared to have a headache the size of Texas and Oklahoma combined for these first couple of days due to the lack of sugar and sodium my body has become accustomed to.

I'm also fully prepared to feel like the petite little pile of  dog poop I stepped on on my run this morning. Someone wasn't being a responsible dog owner............................

And I know that I will have little to no energy the first few days so I spent over 3 hours in the kitchen last night getting all my food prepped for the week so there will be no excuse to go off plan.

With all that being said, I'm excited to reset and refocus. 

Because I know as a result the scale will move and I'm going to feel healthy and fit again.

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