Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Loving Well

These two hoodlums, they are the best. 

I am blessed by them. I get to learn from them. Hang out with them. Get to be their kid. 

Even though I leave my purse on the counter, or don’t pick up after myself when I’m home and it drives my mom to almost drink. Or I swing the gate the wrong way and the calf barreling down the alley towards me ends up going in the wrong pen adding at least another half hour to chores when working cattle with my dad.

They still love me. 

Today, they spent 4 hours in the car to help me put a new headboard on my bed, fix a thermostat, hang up some décor and hang out with me for a few hours. 

All things I could have done by myself. But, they came anyways. 
I know they have their own stuff they could be doing. They are REALLY busy people. But, they make time for me. They take care of me. They make me feel special.

I want to love others like my parents love me. They love unconditionally. And they love well.

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