Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year, New Resolutions?

It’s that time of year again. Where we take time to reflect on the last year: the wonderful moments, great achievements, happiness, tough times and even sadness that happened over the last 365 days. We look forward to: fresh starts, new beginnings, new hopes, dreams and promises to ourselves and others we fully intend to carry out in the next year. We make these “New Year’s Resolutions” with the purest of intentions, don’t we? We want to become the best person we can be. And we believe that if only we could conquer, master, and achieve these resolutions we could be the best, maybe even a perfect, version of ourselves. 

I know this is true for me. 

If you asked me to count the number of times I’ve made “New Year’s Resolutions” I could not count them on both of my hands. I would have to borrow yours, and even then we may run out of fingers. 

But this year? You won’t find me making “New Year’s Resolutions” this year.
Why? Because 2012 was AWESOME. Yeah, I had some struggles in 2012. No, I didn’t become the most perfect version of myself. Does that really exist anyway?!

But, can I look back at the last 365 days and know with confidence that I am way better version of myself than I was at this time last year? 


And isn’t that what it’s all about? 

In the last year I have:
lost 40 pounds and became a healthier, happier version of myself
cut out a person from my life that wasn’t an “adder” but a “subtractor” 
made a house a home
learned how to love better 
grew closer to Jesus 
made old friendships stronger, better friendships
became a better daughter, sister, aunt, granddaughter, niece, cousin and friend
made new friends
kept a journal and read more 
became better at my job 
found new meanings to the words “happiness” and “counting my blessings” 
learned how to say “no” more frequently
grew my cow/calf and feedlot operations
took a vacation
opened myself up to new opportunities
stood up with my best friend as she said “I do”
found new hobbies
and had A LOT of fun.

So… “New Year’s Resolutions.” 

Yes it’s a new year. But am I really ever done becoming a better version of myself? Am I ever done learning how to love better, being a better friend, or opening myself up to new opportunities? Why don’t I just continue doing all the great things I started in 2012? Why don’t I try carrying all of this awesomeness over to 2013? 

Because we are never done with these things we start. At least I don’t want to be. And that’s what 2013 is going to be about for me. Continuing all the great things I’ve already started, and maybe adding in some new things along the way. 

Happy New Year, y’all! 


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