Friday, October 4, 2013

Long Week

Hey guys.

Did you miss me?

I apologize.

It's been a long week.

And by long week I mean a long ass week.

I'm seriously over this knee thing.

I'm getting a cold.

I'm not getting anywhere (or so it feels) in my efforts to eat clean and workout because last I checked my butt hasn't gotten any smaller. 

I'm so busy at work that I am finding myself missing little things here and there, which is not a huge deal, but the end result is I'm not providing the best customer service I could be. And I hate that feeling. My customers deserve my best, everyday.

I've been at so many doctor appointments this week I feel like I could BE a doctor.


I was just over all of it, and last night {amidst the robbery of a Cyclone victory} was when the pimple that was my no good very bad week got popped.

This sweet thing I get to call my cousin knew I was in the trenches and she grabbed her shovel (her phone) and dug me out (called me.) She lives 636 miles away from me and she just knew.

To sum up a 30 minute phone call in one sentence: She told me I was a bad ass, to quit pouting, to go to bed, get up tomorrow and do life, to not give up, to chose to make the day great, and that it's going to get better.

Then she made me repeat, "It's going to get better" like I was a 4 year old.

She's a teacher. She can't help it. And I needed that pep talk just like I needed a 20 ounce cup of Joe this morning.

Long story short, today I'm smiling. There is too much good happening, too much to laugh about and too much to enjoy out of this day not to smile and soak it up.

Every day we have an opportunity to choose how we respond to circumstances.

Will you choose to live today with a smile?

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