Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Best $63.95 I Ever Spent

For the last two and a half weeks I have been hitting the pool for my morning workout.

It has been an adjustment, to be honest, mostly because I had no music or trainer yelling at me to push me.

Until I found this.

I swam for the first time this morning with Justin Timberlake and Eric Church in my ears.

It was bliss.

Seriously guys.

They look just as good as they sing, too.

Is it hot in here?


Anyways, if you know me at all you can imagine how happy I was swimming back and forth in the lap pool this morning!

So this fancy thing hooks on to the back of your goggles and an iPod shuffle fits inside the waterproof case.

I didn't have an iPod shuffle, so I had to purchase one of those as well. However, I found a refurbished one for about $32 on Amazon, and it works like a charm!

The buttons on the front let you turn the music up or down or skip to the next song while you're swimming.

And yes, I know what you are thinking. Those are in fact my shoulders 5 weeks post surgery.

These crutches do an upper body good!!!!

Can I get an A-men?!

Just kidding.

Don't say amen.

I'm full of it.


I could only dream of my shoulders looking that good.


Anyways, not going to lie, I was getting bored with the pool. I love swimming, but it's just not the same as killing it at the gym.

But, I can't even tell you how much more enjoyable my swim was this morning with music playing. I didn't find myself watching the clock and it felt like I got a way better swim because I was more motivated by the music.

My time at the gym in the morning is quite possibly the best part of my day. Most of the world is still sleeping and it's my time to get ready for the day in an upbeat, uninterrupted way. With my fancy new contraption, I feel like I'm going to fly through this recovery hitting the snooze a few less times and be almost as excited to jump in the pool as I was to go to the gym.

I hope. :)

Now to get back to work on those shoulders...just as soon as I finish this piece of cake.


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