Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Iowa The Beautiful

It really doesn't get more beautiful than Iowa in the summer...well, until fall that is. Then Iowa has just reach another level of gorgeous. But we'll save that blog post for a crisp fall morning! :)
I was back at the farm this past weekend for THE Cass County Fair (stay tuned, that blog post is coming soon!) and I went on a run.
I'm more amazed every time I go home at how beautiful my family's farm is.
Maybe its because it's becoming more sentimental to me in my old age?
Maybe because I miss this place so much?
Either way...check out these views.
I mean come on, how many people can say they get to run outside to this landscape? 

Or this landscape?

How lucky am I?!

After my run I found my favorite birds-eye view of one of our farms (on top of a grain bin.) Could it get any more beautiful? My Daddy can sure plant a pretty bean field, huh? Those are Pioneer 93M11's for any of you farmers out there wondering, they are the best!

Moral of the story? I love and miss the farm THIS much!  (Which is a whole lot, if you get confused and can't see my pasty white banker arms ;))

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