Saturday, May 11, 2013

May Is Beef Month: What Do Cattle Eat?

Last week I asked you guys to guess what was in the feed ration that these cuties eat every day.

I had one person guess, thanks Tyler, and he's a genius because he was right! And because I like him so much, instead of just giving him steaks, I might even grill them for him! :)

This is why you should take these giveaways serious people. Wink, wink :)

His guess was: Corn, Distillers Grain, Alfalfa, maybe cornstalks.

These guys are eating high moisture corn that we put in a corn pit each fall, a mixture of alfalfa hay and cornstalks ground together, corn distillers grain (this is whats left of the corn after ethanol is made, it is a cheaper way to feed corn with about the same nutritional value) and molasses for a little bit of sweetness. :) We also add vitamins and minerals into the feed every morning and night, because we love our cattle healthy!

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