Monday, May 20, 2013

May Is Beef Month: Sally Moo Moo

This is Sally Moo Moo.

Also known as 299.

Also known as one of my favorite sassy cows.

Emphasis on the sassy part.

You see this girl and I, we go wayyyy back.

She was my show heifer back in the day (circa de 2002) when I used to wear sparkly belts and cowboy boots and prance around a show ring leading countless black beauties (like her) around the ring.

Showing cattle was my thing.

We all have our talents, mine was showing livestock.

I've been blessed to have a Dad who let me keep my old 4-H and FFA projects around the farm and watch them become mama's time and time again.

This girl, she's had some of the best babies.

And she's been a great mama.

And not to mention a great source of income for this poor high school, college, and even working woman over the last 10 years.

But this sassy girl is getting older.

There is a little hitch in her giddy-up.

And her feet are tired.

Sally Moo Moo had her last baby this year, 399.
He's a stud. Big boned, muscular, and a good growthy calf.
If he's anything like his mama he's going to have his head stuck in the feed and he'll grow and gain like crazy.

It's just like my sassy girl to go out with a bang.

Trips to the pasture will never quite be the same without her there.

I love you Sally girl!

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