Thursday, May 30, 2013

May Is Beef Month: New Life

Have you ever seen a new baby calf born?

Because it's nothing short of amazing.

I've only witnessed it a few times in my life (other than the times I've had to pull the calf) because it's hard to be at the pasture at just the right time when the cow decides to have her calf.

This year, I saw this little guy born.

Why is this event so amazing?

Because it's like nature in it's finest hour.

The cow knows exactly what to do. She starts licking the calf to clean him up and dry him off as soon has he's born.

Within minutes the calf figures out how to use his legs. And just a few moments after that he is walking around.

Within a few more minutes the calf figures out how to eat.

All the while I just stood there in awe at how beautifully nature works.

New life is quite an amazing wonderful thing, isn't it?

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