Sunday, May 26, 2013

May Is Beef Month: Cow Paths

A faithful reader of my blog posed a question a while back and I didn't really have an answer to her question at the time.

She inquired: Why do cows walk in a path?

My answer at the time was: Well, they just do! :)

Her response: But WHY!

After sleepless nights and extensive research I have come up with a better answer for you!

My answer today: Because cows are gregarious animals; meaning they like to have company and be part of a herd. In the case pictured above, when they move from the barn (where the water is located) back to the hay pile (their food source) and back to the barn again they usually follow one leader "the boss" of the herd if you will. They travel by single file, one by one, using the same trail which gets worn down from so many hoof prints. The above pictured trail is one we refer to as a cow path.

And now, Amanda Jensen, my cattle cuttin' beauty, you know WHY.

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