Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Program vs. Lifestyle

I've tried quite a few "programs" on this weight loss journey. Some worked for a short time. Some didn't work at all.

But was it the program or was it me that made my attempt ultimately unsuccessful? I've discovered the answer to that question told me almost everything I need to know about myself and the chances of success when it comes to changing my body.

If you are like me, you assume that your will and determination are what determine your success. We think, "If I just follow this program 100%, it will deliver results." But we never stop and think, "is this the right program for me?" We never stop and ask, "is another program really what I need? How can I fit some of these concepts into my life versus jumping from one new thing to the next. How do I learn to construct a program tailored to fit me and my body?" We never realize how acting faster and working harder in what we assume is the right direction actually moves us further from our goal, and not closer to it. We just want instant results, don't we?

If you fail to see this blaring truth in your repeated diet attempts, then you will continue to see short-term success followed by long-term failure. Willpower and determination are only allies when they are applied in the right direction and for the right purpose.

So, if you aren't getting results, change! You're confused? Then figure it out!

If you blindly follow a program without adjusting to your needs along the way, then it is not the programs fault, it is your own.

The real secret to success that I've found out through trial and error on this weight loss journey? The ability to adjust, adapt, correct and learn.

You must find your own way to make losing weight work for you in order to be successful.

There is still a long way for me to go on this weight loss journey, but with this knowledge, I know I will be sucessful in the long run. No more taking two steps forward and three steps back. Because this is no longer a program, this is my lifestyle.

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  1. Michelle, thanks for your honest thoughts on weight loss. Good for you for figuring out what works for you. No matter what you try unless you are ready it is not going to work. No magic pill to take. Hard work and remembering that it is a marathon and not a sprint to get results. Keep up the good work...it is so worth the work to be healthy. Love ya, FRAN