Sunday, March 3, 2013

15 Seconds of Fame

My 15 seconds of Fame have came and gone.

And since this blog makes me seem ridiculously self-absorbed because all I do is talk about myself around here, why not keep the good vibes flowing, yes?


This week I was seen on the local news!

I am involved in an organization called Farm Bureau and serve on the Board of Directors at our county level. Recently, we had an opportunity to get involved with the Children's Museum of Siouxland.

One of Farm Bureau's missions is informing the public where their food comes from. It's so important the they understand, for example, that beef doesn't come from a grocery store. Beef is actually a calf that is fed and cared for by a farmer and then transported to market where they can purchase and eat it.

The Children's Museum of Siouxland is dedicating a portion of the new museum to Agriculture. We saw this as a great opportunity for Farm Bureau to educate kids on modern day Agriculture practices and teach them, through play, where their food comes from.

Even though the doors are not open to the museum yet, we are excited for this opportunity to share Agriculture's message with the people of Siouxland!

Moving forward, I will serve on the Education Committee for the Children's Museum. My job will be to make sure that Agriculture is represented in its modern day light.

I also made it in my company's Employee Annual Report....twice!

I know, its crazy.

But I won a photography contest!

Turns out all those 4-H photography projects paid off!

And I made the front page!

Not the most attractive of pictures, but lets not get nit picky! :)

Rumor has it that everyone gets 15 minutes of fame, right?

So that means I've got 14 minutes and 45 seconds left.


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