Friday, February 15, 2013

There Is Nothing Like an Iowa Sunset

Seeing an amazing sunrise or sunset does a girl good.


The other day I was leaving a customers place around 5:45.

I was messing around with my phone trying to catch up on e-mails, shuffling around some papers to try to get organized for the meeting I was on my way to, and going to be late for.

If you're wondering, I'm an awesome multi-tasker. And and even better do-things-while-driving-er. Fun fact about your's truely.

I'm not the type that gets stressed out, life is too short, but you could say I was feeling a little tense. 

Then I looked up.

And I saw this. 

And it no longer mattered that I was late. Or that I had 18 unread e-mails I needed to respond to. 

Sometimes we just need a reminder to slow down, and to take it all in, don't we? 

We need a reminder to breathe and know that life is good. 

So take a couple minutes to look up and enjoy the sunset, would you?  

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