Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Nail Polish Problems

So there I was stretching after a great workout, admiring my new nail color that I painted my nails the night before. 

I'm a fan of having some fun colored nails. 

But I got to thinking, after a few times of having your nails one color, you're over it. Right? 

I mean...I just bought this color last week. 

But I'm going to be over this color after the 8th or 9th time I use it.

And the bottle will appear that it has barely been used.

So why the heck do they make nail polish in such giant bottles? 
Because most people probably end up wasting 15/16th's of it.

Why don't they make small bottles? 

OR, why don't people have nail polish swap parties? 

I mean what a great idea. Save money, have fun nails, no more wasting nail polish. 
Win, win. Right? 

I think I'm on to something....

Who wants to swap polishes with me?

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