Monday, January 28, 2013

The Little Things

Today, I am sporting a new, never worn before, outfit.

Which I dug out of my closet this morning.

These articles of clothing have been in there for a long time. Just waiting to be worn.

I've had this sweater since college (unfortunately, that was longer ago than I'd like to admit) and I've had these pants for about 4 months.

I've been working my butt off these last few weeks going to the gym 8-10 times per week playing catch-up from the couple months post-knee surgery I couldn't do much.

I'm finally getting back into running and doing the activities I've missed so much. {HOORAY!!!} However, if my Physical Therapist, Jill, is reading this, I'm only "lightly jogging." Promise. ;)

So, because I'd been working so hard, I decided to be bold and try on this preppy navy colored sweater and these salmon colored skinny jeans to see if they fit...

And...they did! I am lovin' the way I look today. Any minute now Gap should be calling to see if I would like to model for them. :)

When I got to work this morning I had an e-mail notifying me that my picture I submitted for our employee photography contest was selected as the winner.

They needed a head-to-toe picture of me by the end of the day.

Lucky me, I looked as good as I felt for a photo shoot that was about to happen on a whim!

My winning picture along with a picture of myself will appear in our 2012 Annual Report! Awesome!!!

Today something great happened. And I'm not talking about winning the photography contest (even tho that's pretty sweet, huh?!)

Today I was able to look at pictures of myself and instead of picking them apart and not liking what I saw, I was able to feel confident and embrace how I looked from head-to-toe in this preppy navy colored sweater and these salmon colored skinny jeans.

I looked awesome in an outfit I wasn't even sure I would be able to fit into a few hours ago. 

Moments like these are why I don't give up at the gym and I'm reminded just how rewarding being intentional about the food I put in my mouth is.

Even though this journey hasn't been easy, I've gotten frustrated and been in a lot of pain along the way, days like today happen and I'm reassured that this lifestyle change I've made is completely 100% worth every single minute.

Because along this journey, I'm able to find joy in the little things.

Each one amazing.

Each one significant.

Each one so worth it.

If you are struggling with your weight/health goals right now, I urge you to commit yourself 100% to a healthy lifestyle for a minimum of two weeks. Write down every single thing you put in your mouth and everything you do at the gym. Push yourself to make it to the gym 2, 3, 4 times a week if that's all you can do. I promise you that you will start to notice the little things, too. And I promise you that it is worth it. You are worth it!

We're all in this together!


  1. YOU are worth it!!!! So awesome Michelle~
    Keep up the good work!!! xoxo

    1. Love you, Kim! Thank you for being a big part of this lifestyle change, and for cheering me on. I'm so thankful for you!