Thursday, January 17, 2013

Small Town Saturday Night

So, my friend Ryan just bought a house. 

It's in the middle of no where. 

Have you ever been to Crescent, Iowa? 

If you haven't, don't blink....because you'll miss it. 

Then if you go through the woods and over 14 hills and around 37 curves and you'll be at his house! 

Anyways, he had a house warming party last weekend. 

He has a beautiful new home. 

When we got to Ryan's house he was giving us a tour. 

And in his basement sat this lamp. 

It was an awesome lamp. 

Naturally Josie, Maddi and myself all wanted it because Ryan was going to throw it away. 

Fighting and bickering ensued.

There may or may not have been some hair pulled.

Just kidding.

But really.

To end the fighting and bickering madness we decided to play nice and break in Ryan's new home fair and square with "Minute to Win it Olymipcs."

Let's just say someone dominated.


And was the proud winner of said awesome lamp. 

Maddi couldn't be more proud of me. Obviously. 

Her 2nd place prize of the genie lamp, was just as awesome. 

*wink* :)

Sweet, sweet victory never tasted so good! 

***Stay tuned for an update of the lamp in its new home***

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