Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday, Fun Day!

Guess what I did today?! 

I installed that beaut!  

Please keep your applause to a light roar :) 

When I moved in to my house they had this thermostat on the wall.

I loved this thermostat. It was super easy to use, very easy to program each day what schedule you wanted it to run on, it even reminded you when to change your air filter. It was the bee's knees. 

Then it broke. 

And by broke I mean half broke. 

And by half broke I mean half of the thermostat responded when you touched it and half did not. 


Because my Mama took pity on me when she saw the price tag and pitched in to purchase a new one, I got a new thermostat a couple weeks ago. Thanks, Mom!

Today it was below zero and my house was freezing and I decided I couldn't take it until my Dad came up again to install it, so because of their great marketing scheme on the package I went for it.

Easy enough, right?

11 steps. I fail to see how this was going to take only 15 minutes, but here I go! 

These are the times I'm thankful for a handy electrician with legible handwriting :) 

I this point I got a little cocky, and was thinking to myself that I should have been an electrician, mostly because I've gotten a bill from one, and they make A LOT of money. 

I believe at this moment I was listening to "Run the World" by Beyonce and was dancing around like a fool. I was a little proud.

It may have taken me 57 minutes, yes I timed myself, but I did it! 

So that little project turned into this little project...

The disaster cabinet. 

Alright I gotta come clean. I'm a peanut butter snob. Confessions of a peanutbutteraholic. And yes, I kept all of them. They'll get eaten. Fact. 

Ahh, organization :)

Then that project turned into this project...

Guess what I found in here? 

Yep, you read that right - best if used by Feb 28, 2009. That's almost 4 years ago that it expired. At least I'm eating fresh? Ha! 

And that's how many other expired items were in my pantry. 

So, if you learn nothing else from my babbling, clean your pantry's people!!!

Then I decided my fridge was a mess, and it needed pictures of all of those I love all over it. 

So keep sending me your Christmas Cards and come visit me because you're on my fridge! So glad I finally figured out and organized way to display them :)

Those projects then led to deep cleaning my entire house, 5 loads of laundry, making cream cheese garlic and herb chicken roll up's, making bbq pulled pork, cleaning and cutting up fruits and veggies for the week and another great swim at the gym.

And because I feel like it, these are in the oven right now :)

I think I should have Monday's off every week. Can you imagine how productive I would be? Scary. 

Happy Martin Luther King day y'all!

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